The is the web log for Jon Ryan - the personality behind the hardly listened to and barely worthwhile Jon Ryan Radio Show, heard from the months of September through May on WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

something coming. some time soon.

Alright boys and girls, here's the deal:

The Jon Ryan Radio Show will make its debut in webcast only form at some point next week. The reason for the ambiguous timing rests in the fact that the procurement of my internet connection at Duke is still up in the air. All the hardware works. All the software works. I'm just waiting to get on campus and get the yellow light... The things will be rolling.

I am going to leave a 24/7 stream up during "non-show" times. That is, there will always be music pouring off of my internet streams along with intermingling past episodes of the WPRB-version of the Jon Ryan Radio Show. At some point in time that stream will go live. When that happens I'll leave a note on the ol'' blog here and then post the schedule for the upcoming shows. Chances are I will do 30-60 minutes a day with some big long stuff thrown in here and there.

Your job at this point is to promote the damn thing. Every time you are accosted in the street by a panhandler smelling of gin and tin cans asking when and where he can here Jon Ryan again, just point him in the direction of this here blog.


Now, for my own personal enjoyment, I will list my top four favorite adult film stars, in no particular order.

Aurora Snow
Desert Rose
Taylor Rain
Ashley Blue

Does anyone else think it's odd that all their names come out like that?


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Is Anybody Home?

Well, I've decided to go ahead and create one of these homorific weblogs. Some words before I get into this thing, though:

1) I am not an emo kid. I do not wear the glasses. I am not skinny. I am not cute. I don't think the Postal Service is the best band ever, and I would rather put three nails in my scrotum than listen to Yellowcard for any extended period of time. Oh, and just so the indie emo boys and girls don't feel left out: Bright Eyes and Blood Brothers suck too. There. Deal with it.

2) I am using this weblog - mostly - for the sole purpose of promoting my webcast only radio show. For those of you just joining us, I broadcast nine months out of the year on WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey. However, since I can spend the summers there, I can decided to set up a shoutcast broadcast. Ideally, this thing (the weblog, that is) will hold all sorts of gilded information for you kiddies, like show schedules, playlists, live times etc.

3) I will never, under any circumstances, post a message like "Oh, Sherry, you really got me good that time," or "God damn it am I mad at you, Hot Karl. I can't believe you did that!" Weblogs that are even remotely personal are the most desperate cries for attention this side of plastic surgery and Daisy Dukes. If you want to read that sophomoric bullshit, go check out hurtboy86 or h8edone90 or some fluffy crap like that.

I suppose that is all for now. If you are familiar with my program and are going through Jon Ryan withdrawal - and if you are may whatever god there is have mercy on your soul - make note of this thing's (the weblog, that is) address: Also, you can keep in touch with my ass - as well as other portions of my body - at Convenient, no?