The is the web log for Jon Ryan - the personality behind the hardly listened to and barely worthwhile Jon Ryan Radio Show, heard from the months of September through May on WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The first show of the new season...

... is in the books.

A fun little two hours was had on WPRB today. Unfortunately, the playlist for the show got lost on the intarweb somewhere, but truncated show notes include the following bullet points:

*Show opened with Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap from TMNT II, leading into the standard strains of OLP's Whatever.

*Background music for talkey time was old tv themes.

*New stuff from Xiu Xiu is decent, but hit and miss.

*Sing-along this week was The Rubber Duckey Song from Sesame Street, which was apparently pretty well recieved from the 1 or 2 people that were listening.

More later. It's nice to be back home at the ol' 'PRB.


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