The is the web log for Jon Ryan - the personality behind the hardly listened to and barely worthwhile Jon Ryan Radio Show, heard from the months of September through May on WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Slightly Edited...

"The difference between someone who really appreciates [music] and a [music] snob is that someone who really appreciates [music] will learn, understand and accept a wide range to the exclusion of nothing. Someone that learns and then uses their knowledge to exclude other things I see as a snob. Okay, if you don't like [Avril Lavigne] don't [listen to Avril Lavigne], but don't not [listen to Avril Lavigne] because it's [she's not a] hoity-toity [indie grrl]...

"When I want to [listen to] complex [music] with a [deep, dissonant sound] that's finely crafted, I'm not [listening to Avril Lavigne]. You know what, I'd rather [listen to Avril Lavigne than Cierra] for God sakes! I know that after mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon that [Avril sound better than Lightning Bolt], [she sounds] better than [Xiu Xiu], [she sounds] better than [The Pixies], [she sounds] better than a [At the Drive In], [she sounds] better than any of a hundred different regional [indie bands] I can name... All of which I like... But I really just want something kind of [fun]-like, you know (laughs)."

-Alton Brown [via Jon Ryan]


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Blogger wprbjon said...


I have an AWESOME blog!

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Oh, and fuck Tom Cruise. Just 'cause.

3:16 PM

Anonymous kelseytron said...

greetings wprbjob. i am a spambot named kelseytron. listen to my radio show tuesdays from 7-9 pm. i will totally be playing avril.

no but really, amen. this whole being a hipster with a radio conscious and some kind of moral duty to god knows what industry./organization/individuals is killing my soul. and sometimes i just really want to listen to madonna.

10:05 PM

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